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This chic and simple bar stool will look great if you’re opting for a minimalist, contemporary look in your home kitchen or breakfast bar area.The cushioned seat top is covered with black faux leather and it has satin-coated frame while the steel legs and all-round foot rests means that this stools is really comfortable to used during your breakfast and supper.Dimensions: Height:29.7 in Width: 12.6 inLength:12.6 inWeight:4.70kgAvailable in black color only  It’s a good idea to look at all bar stools before you make a selection One way to do that is to fire up the computer and let Google do the walking for you. Their “images” file is exhaustive and you’ll get an idea of what you prefer, and finally you’ll zero in on which stools will happily fit the space where they’ll be placed. The “images” site is filled with bar stools of every shape, style, and material you can imagine, but you may start off with a preference, say that bar stool wood is of interest. They’ll show you all of them and if you’re looking for a particular color or species of wood, you can add that to an advanced search criteria. Before you’ve set about on your search, you’re sure to have taken measurements to see what will fit under the counter, leaving enough room for legs. Some companies are good enough to tell you the counter height appropriate for the stool. You may even get an idea of how to put in a search that lists the stools and prices, because, like most of us, you have a budget. What about the bar stool seat? Do you want the seat to be wood, too, or would you prefer a padded seat with a fabric of one of the tough coverings in the microfiber category. It will all depend on where the stools will be used, does it not? The microfiber coverings are fabulous; they look great, come in all colors and make your life easy when it comes to spills. They are almost spill-proof. Then again, a zippered cushion covering is a good idea too, since you’ll be able to remove it for washing. It depends on how much sitting is going on; whether you purchase an all-wood stool or one with a cushion, you’d like the occupants to be comfortable. When it comes to comfort, all bar stools are designed with comfort in mind. Some stools are just more comfortable than others. Sales have been watched carefully to see which stools sell best, and manufacturers and dealers are sensitive to the consumer’s preference. Stools have definitely gotten more comfortable. You will notice that in some cases, even the bar stool wood has been shaped to the part of the anatomy that encounters it. Thinking about the bar stool seat, the comfort factor rates right up there with style and price, and it’s entirely possible that you can find an all-wood bar stool that looks good with the wood in the room, fits your budget, and sits well for the occupant.

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