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You need a compact accent table. You love the crispness of steel and tempered glass. What makes the Eileen Table even better for your needs? Quite simply, it’s more than just a pretty face with beautiful contemporary lines. In fact, this accent table actually works for you. The Eileen table can be adjusted from a height of around 2 feet to just over 3 feet, depending on your requirement at that moment. With its low-profile open front base it could slide easily under your favorite chair or couch to become a quick base for your laptop. Raised to the 3 foot level or anywhere in between, it’s perfect beside your sofa, your bed, even a daring statement to display those little designer soaps in your bathroom. Buy more than one for under your wall mounted flat screen television to exhibit three-dimensional artwork filling up an otherwise awkward space. Placed next to a window, not only will your neighbors be green with envy- it will also serve to reflect natural light into your room. Accentuate the style of your home with this contemporary Eileen grey glass table In spite of being born in 1878, Eileen Gray became a continental woman who ultimately surprised her family with the now renowned creation of the Eileen Gray side table . The daughter of an aristocratic family in southeastern Ireland, she was the baby in the family with four children born ahead of her. Her father was a painter who saw Eileen’s early talent and encouraged her interests. He’d often take her on trips to Italy and Switzerland. Under his tutelage, she grew an independent spirit. After graduating from the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art and becoming an adult under her own reconnaissance, her interest in architecture eventually brought her face to face with Marcel Breuer. His furnishing designs, using tubular steel in the late 20’s, came to her attention. The 1927 Eileen Gray side table began as a necessity for her sister whom Gray often indulged with breakfast in bed. (In fact, the utilitarian hospital meal tray first took its cue from Gray’s elegant bedside table.) With Breuer as mentor and inspiration, Gray began experimenting in her studio, ensconced in her famous E-1027 house in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin near Monaco. Another noted architect, Le Corbusier, became a neighbor whose conversations with her contributed to her knowledge of structure and materials. The Eileen Gray table was designed with glass and steel in mind, but the steel had to work first. After several attempts to manipulate steel, she decided to use wire hangers. It was much easier. Leave the hard work to the men. (She wasn’t entirely independent.) With the design that finally satisfied functionality and aesthetics, she took her Eileen table design to Breuer. With his help, she was able to get it constructed and shown in one of the international expositions where it was acclaimed as a clever, yet straightforward design. The height-adjustment on the Eileen Gray table is convenient for use with beds and legs that add up to various measurements. It is also convenient for the way it can be used, whether next to a high-armed sofa or a lower chair. The incomplete circular base is constructed in perfect balance with the glass tube-encircled top. The connection is made with square-shaped tubing and designed thus to accommodate the raising or lowering of the table via small notches to hold a chain at the desired height. The concept is simple, looks extremely sophisticated, adheres to a high-level quality, and the Eileen table functions as well as any piece of high-tech machinery. The design is transcendent enough to be blended with most furniture styles because of its low visual mass. It will remain a classic in the annals of modern design.


* Made of Tubular Steel
* Chrome Shiny Finish
* Strong Tempered Glass
* Adjustable-Height Tabletop

* Classic Design meets Clean Sensibility
* Contemporary Accent Table
* Serves as a Great Mini Desk, End Table, Pedestal Table, Bedside Table, Side Table

Available Colors:
*Chrome Plated Steel

Why this item:
* Modern Durable Steel frame
* Tempered Glass for longer life
* Rust-proof stainless steel frame
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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