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Does anybody design anything better than the Italians? The Arco Floor Lamp was originally designed in 1962 by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Their intent? To create a timeless design, mixing some of Italy’s favorite materials. Carrara marble (yes, marble) is the base for the modernistic lamp; and a satin finish on the steel completes the initial picture. However, the over-sized arm and its mesmerizing arch make your eye take a moment and soak in creative genius at its best. It is in the arm where the Castiglioni’s ambitions is best displayed: to provide direct over-head lighting when there’s no other to be found, without having electric wires on hideous display and creating walking hazards. Since the arch is telescopic and can extend, it supplies over-head lighting from the base on the floor “Arco”ing to the lamp over 6 feet away. Quite simply this means that you no longer have to position your furniture in awkward, space-eating places just to have light from on high. The Arco Floor Lamp adds style to functionality. This stylish arco floor lamp replica features white carrara marble base and a satin finish stainless steel telescopic stem. It comes complete with a foot switch on power cord. An Italian lighting design consortium that originally composed itself in 1962 in Merano. They engaged designers Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and Tobia Scarpa to contribute their original designs to the catalogue they wanted to develop and opened their first retail design store in Milan, 1968. From these designers, emerged the Arco floor lamp, subsequently seen in hundreds of trade shows and occupying space in many contemporary homes. In 1962, the CastigIioni’s collaborated on the design of the Arco floor lamp. It is a simple arch. At its termination, a 21.2″ column of Carrara marble, weighing a hefty 160 lbs, acts as a counterpoint base to the almost eight-foot radius that describes an arch to a height of 95″. From where it is embedded in the marble base and made of stainless steel, the flexible arm extends out a distance of 78.6″. The lamp is also stainless steel, polished to a mirror bright finish, with punch-holes that surround the point where the lamp attaches to the arm. The holes throw an interesting up-light pattern, and at the same time allow heat to escape from the bulb deep inside its 11.5″-shade. The Arco floor lamp by takes up a great amount of space. However, its visual mass is almost skeletal. As a result, if enough room can be found for its extension to function over a seating area, its graceful form does not dominate the space, but instead adds a bit of sparkle to an otherwise slumbering corner of a room. The Arco floor lamp should be given credit for injecting good design ideas into modern trends in lamp design. It changed the traditional image of the (all-too-soon) tattered lampshade from one of silk, or linen, to metal, found a way to make it function better as a task light, and, at the same time, created a beautiful form made of durable materials. Along with its beauty, function and durability the Arco floor lamp boasts a rheostat to adjust the flow of light with a foot pedal that hangs out close to the base. The lamp itself has a sophisticated appeal to those owners who prefer the minimalist style for their home or office. Its appearance will keep up with the slick technological advances we see today without skipping a beat. Because good design is timeless, the Arco floor lamp by will be a staple of lamp accessorizing for years to come. From the innovative mind of the renowned industrial designer, Achille Castiglioni, comes the Arco Lamp. Apparently inspired by a streetlamp, Achille show’s us a design that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The base is large in order to support the entire mechanism. However, even with the size, it fits perfectly with the image as whole. Complete with a hole in order for easier moving with a rod. The actual light source is then hung from a wide arch. The Arco Lamp by Castiglioni is a refreshing curve-ball on the traditional. This design allows for a more convenient over-head lamp. The most common design for a lamp is the bulb, mounted on top of an upright stand. Although the lamp gives flexibility with placement, the particular height of the light is limited, thus resulting in a more dim area. Because of this, the bulb installed unto the ceiling has popularized. The light, although in the most efficient spot to emit light evenly, is fixated. With Castiglioni’s Arco light, one not only gains the efficient light distribution but also, the ability to change the placement. With the arch, the lamp uses the least amount of space in order to deliver the more efficient solution. Even if the Arco flos lamp is both practical and quite stunning, it’s still in unknown to most of the public. And with minimal integration with the masses, production does not compare to the more traditional lamps. The best competitive price that could be found online is a couple grand. However, this does not mean that Arco Castiglioni light is out of normal reach. Replica Arco Lamps are usually the other route, with a reduced size and less favored material being the price reducing factor. Still, the less known option for the budget home décor is the Arco Lamp reproduction.


*Stainless steel frame
*Thick and Sturdy Marble

*Flexible steel frame
*Sturdy Thich Rectangular Gray-Green grain Marble
*Flexible Arms
*Square Tubes for perfect aesthetics

Available Colors:
*Steel Finish
*White Marble

Why this item:
* Luxurious real marble not cheap light re-inforced stone
* Flawless Craftsmanship
* Flexible Arms and Head
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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