Pod Egg Globe Bubble Chair & Ottoman

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Beautiful Pod Egg Globe Bubble Chai r comes is many cool colors. The comfortable ottoman accentuates the entire relaxing and fun experience! If you want a modern furniture egg chair, then it does not get better than this.



* Fiberglass Exterior
* Blended Microfiber Interior

* Iconic design masterpiece that successfully blends art and comfort
* Embracing design that accommodates privacy and conversation
* Sturdy base made from injection-molded aluminum
* Durable reinforced fiberglass shell
* Expertly stitched upholstered high-density polyurethane foam
* A highly-functional work of art that withstands daily use at a price that won’t wear you down

Available Colors:
* Red
* Blue
* Lime Green
* Premium Custom Colors (see chart below)

Why this item:
* Luxurious Interior NOT cheap fabric
* Thicker Fiberglass than other retailers
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee