Marshmallow Sofa

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Another fabled design of George Nelson, one of the fathers of Modern era furniture, the idea for this sofa arose when an inventor brought Nelson a cheap plastic disc which he insisted could be used as a seat. Nelson and an apprentice stuck 18 discs on a steel frame and the basic Marshmallow Sofa was born, going into production in 1956. Today’s product faithfully replicates that 18 disc design, mounted on a painted steel frame, with stainless steel legs finishing off the sofa. Upholstered in leather, the round seat and backrests, reminiscent of soft puffy marshmallows provide a surprising degree of comfort. It hardly needs to be said that this sofa is a visual delight and is likely to be the first thing anybody looks at when entering the room.  The choice of black or white upholstery makes it an easy addition to a minimalist themed area. Make the Marshmallow Sofa even more striking by adding colored upholstery for the cushions in lines, patterns or in a random dispersion. Originally designed in 1956 by George Nelson and Irving Harper, the Marshmallow Sofa is a landmark of modern design. Featuring a whimsical design of "floating" cushions, the Marshmallow sofa is not only astonishing in its appearance, but also surprisingly comfortable. This high quality reproduction of the Marshmallow Sofa , originally designed by George Nelson, is a very fun and technical mid-century design.


- Genuine Leather
- Soft and Smooth Surfaces
- Black Painted Steel Frame
- Brushed Stainless Steel Bars, Fittings, & Circle Plates
- Rubber Covered Bars
- Multiple Positions