• Albino Pedestal Bar Stool
  • Albino Pedestal Bar Stool

Albino Pedestal Bar Stool

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The Albino and Barolo range of sophisticated contemporary bar stools combine defined angles and strong shapes with a hard-wearing finish. Just like the Barolo, the Albino stools have a striking appearance, suitable for chic bars, cafes, restaurants or modern homes.A comfortable seat in a range of fabrics or real leather is mounted on a solid, brushed stainless steel frame, offering comfort, style and durability.It's stunning and sumptuous modern bar stool. Perfect for glamming-up any roomDimensions:Height: 30.7 inWidth: 15.75 inDepth: 15.75 inWeight:20.00kgFinding two different sets of bar stools for your homeIt's time to buy two sets of bar stools.  You need cherry bar stools for the family room and extra tall bar stools for the kitchen-perhaps a contemporary bar stool, since the kitchen is so modern.  It may seem like a challenge, because you don't have any other criteria for choosing them as yet.  You've already decided that you need cherry wood for the family room because all the other furniture you have in there is either cherry or upholstered.  Do you have a cherry entertainment center?  Looking at that piece of furniture may help to make a decision about the stools.  Is the entertainment center a contemporary style?  Does it have simple straight lines?  Alternatively, is it a more traditional piece with detailed cornices and a curve here and there?  It is a dominant piece of furniture and you've matched several other pieces or, at least related them to it, so there's one answer you can consider.  Try to find cherry bar stools that have similar lines related to the entertainment center.  If you don't have a large piece of cherry furniture, you may consider the end tables or coffee table as a way to select the stools.  However, they are as dominant as an entertainment center and you'll have the freedom to stray from their style if you cannot find an exact match.  Be aware also that there are many wood stains labeled as "cherry".  You'll want to watch the depth of color when you purchase the stools.  Depending on how close they are to the rest of the wood pieces, either a close match will be necessary, or, at a distance, it won't be crucial.  For the kitchen a nice contemporary bar stool selection might be a metal stool and since they will have to be extra tall bar stools, you should consider finding stools with backs on them.  It will help to stabilize them.  There is a host of metal stools on the market and your selection will depend on a couple of ideas.  What kind of metal do you have in your kitchen?  Does most of it have a polished finish?  If so, then chrome stools would be perfect.  If you want them upholstered, you can pick up the wall color, or a tile color in the upholstery and they will look like they belong in your kitchen.  If you have a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances, you will need to find stainless steel stools-and how handsome they will look, sitting there with the rest of the metal finishes.Now that you have some starting points, go shopping!

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