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Price includes 2 bar stools. The Classy bar stool is an elegant barstool for the modern home. It is fully swivelable and height adjustable and has a foot rest for extra comfort. This is alot of bar stool for a reasonable price, great value for money. Be aware of the height factor when you shop for stools. Bar stools height can be anywhere between 29 and 32 inches. When you shop for stools, take your tape measure with you and measure from the floor to the seat height. You’ve already noted down, and have with you the height of your counter. If not, go home and try this again later or on another day when you have your wits about you. You also have some idea about a comfortable difference between the underside of the counter and the bar height stools seat, right? That would be between 9 and 10 inches. Assuming you have the measurements this time, now you have to think about the size of legs that fit between the table and the counter, or perchance are you buying a bar height table with matching stools. There are such things, and bar stools tables will usually have chairs to match, unless you’ve found a table on sale and just couldn’t resist its charm. (In that case, be wary. If you didn’t get the story behind the table, be very aware! Someone may have purchased a set, found the table was too large for the space, and sent it back to the store for a small refund.) Since the lone table is there, you’ll be able to shop for stools—that may fit with the table—right there in the store. Be sure to pull the bar height stools up to the table and see if your legs fit in the space between bottom of table and stool seat. Many shoppers fail to conduct this test. Love the look; don’t measure. Bad karma! Bar stools height tests should actually be conducted with a salesman as the testee. Since men’s legs are naturally larger (usually), you’ll want to go to the extreme condition for testing. With the bar stools tables you’ll need to have the salesman sitting with his legs all the way under the table. Don’t let him cheat by hanging over the edge of the table. Perhaps the best way to approach the bar stool height dilemma is to purchase stools with removable cushions—big, thick ones, that will make a difference when taken away before the large person with generously-sized legs has a chance to notice the cushion is missing. This strategy allows the hostess to be completely prepared for any eventuality. No worries. There are table height bar stools, bar stools tables and bar height stools enough out there. You’ll find just the right ones. Good hunting!


Stainless steel base

Modern design and comfortable
Swivel Action
Adjustable height
Expertly stitched upholstery
A highly-functional work of art that withstands daily use at a price that wont wear you down

Available Colors:
Premium Custom Colors (see chart below)

Why this item:
Flat-pan base NOT cheap stool base
Suitable for high-traffic areas
RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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