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This is a fun nice looking vinyl wicker outdoor furniture piece. This is a wicker outdoor furniture wholesale that includes one (1) Large, semi spherical shaped, brown wicker day bed with one (1) neutral sand colored sun shade in the shape of a fun cascading wave, one (1) very comfortable white round cushioning, and six (6) multi colored throw pillows.

The semi spherical base is cut in half for a very chic look and comes with a standing back for your personal comfort. On top of the wonderfully unique base is a white deep cushion where you can sit or lay down. This entire bed is large and can accommodate several people. The six (6) throw pillows come in accent colors of White, Red, and Beige.

One innovative part of this piece of outdoor furniture is its interesting designed sun shade. This shade will protect the lounging guests from the sun’s harmful UV rays providing shade and comfort throughout the day. The entire piece is very modern and would make a great addition to any outdoor space.

leisure lounge w/7cm cushion  200*180*861

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