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How do you introduce the muscle of formed steel into your room without offending the gods of serenity? Our Steel Mesh coffee tables, that’s how. These tables are high-quality reproductions of the Warren Platner table design. Warren Platner transformed steel wire into a sculptural furniture collection, thus creating a design icon of the modern era. The furniture’s unique, harmonious forms are produced by welding curved vertical steel wire rods to circular frames, producing a “moire” effect and capturing the decorative, gentle, graceful quality that Platner sought to achieve. Click here for the dining table >> KNOLL, INC. PRODUCES AND SELLS THE AUTHENTIC WARREN PLATNER TABLES , AT PRICES SUBTANTIALLY HIGHER THAN THE PRICE OF OUR STEEL MESH TABLES. OUR REPLICAS OF THE WARREN PLATNER TABLES IS INTENDED FOR CONSUMERS WHO WISH TO PURCHASE A REPRODUCTION OF A TABLE OF HISTORIC DESIGN AT A LOWER PRICE. REGENCYSHOP HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH KNOLL AND DOES NOT SELL, DISTRIBUTE OR OFFER FOR SALE ANY PRODUCT MADE OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY KNOLL. WHILE OUR STEEL MESH TABLES HAVE A SIMILAR DESIGN TO THE WARREN PLATNER DESIGNS BENCH SOLD BY KNOLL, REGENCYSHOP CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT OUR REPLICAS CONFORM TO THE EXACT SPECIFICATIONS OF THE TABLES DESIGNED BY PLATNER AND SOLD BY KNOLL. VISITORS TO THIS SITE WHO WISH TO CONSIDER BUYING THE AUTHENTIC PLATNER-DESIGNED TABLES FROM KNOLL, SHOULD VISIT KNOLL’S WEBSITE AT KNOLL.COM


* Stainless steel Base
* 1/2 Tempered Glass

* Polished Stainless Steel
* Clear Glass
* Curved vertical steel wire rods
* Modern Design

Available Colors:
* Chrome Plated Stainless Steel

Why this item:
* Durable Stainless Steel Frame
* High-quality reproduction of the Platner design
* 14-day RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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