To begin with, we wish to introduce you to the lasting Room sofa from Lock: a cheerful style, a special couch. It’s constructed from calibrated beech plywood with an all-natural oil solvent-free surface as well as polycarbonate. This natural product guarantees agility. This plays a fundamental duty in the company’s sustainability policy, lowering the exhausts originated from the manufacturing and delivery transport. Following this environmental line, it ought to be noted that Area, like all the company’s products, is generated via CNC transmitting, which indicates no waste.

Why do we say that it’s a puzzle design? Because with Room, the buyer becomes its co-creator thanks to the interlocking system that identifies it. All the items that compose it, come separately, and also are easily embedded like a problem. To make sure that the couch materializes in its whole. This closing system is a special style by Konstantin Achkov, owner of the company, that makes the Area couch a unique style and also at the same time makes sure the suppleness and resilience of the product.


There is an item that is never missing out on in a home: the sofa. That area where we relax during the analysis hours, where we appreciate the very best flicks as well as share long family members gatherings. In addition, it’s usually among the furniture that has one of the most presence in spaces as a result of its dimension as well as usage. The reality is when speaking about lasting houses, the sofa can not be left behind. And also in this sense, one of the most crucial indicate think about is the raw material that makes it up. Therefore, in this write-up, we’ll reveal to you 3 of our lasting couches that also stick out because of their creative thinking.

Sustainable sofa


Finally, one of our stars for its creativity and concept: Sofa 600 from the Spanish firm Belybel. A lasting sofa, created from reusing, honors the legendary timeless Seat 600 car of the 1960s. A design is susceptible to come to be the lead character of any room it populates. It’s made mostly of steel, made up of several original steel components, as well as with leatherette furniture in its seat.

An additional quality of the Couch 600 is that it has several personalization possibilities, from its external structure as well as furniture to the possibility of adding some accessories such as a Bluetooth stereo, a stereo speaker system, and also a small refrigerator in an area in eviction back.

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