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Discontinued - Sublime One Piece Elongated Toilet Dual Flush

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The Sublime tank drops seamlessly into a fully skirted bowl creating a gorgeous eye appealing one piece toilet. Dual flush allows you to choose between partial and full (.8/1.28) flush, without sacrificing excellent performance. 


  • Dual flush with high-performance gravity 0.8 / 1.28 gallon per flush (gpf).  
  • Porcelain one-piece seamless and easy-to-clean design.
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort. 
  • Soft Seat to close slowly and quietly.
  • Quick-Release matte chrome hinges allow the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning; no tools required. 


  • Factory water flush tested.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty. 

Included: Cover lid, Stainless steel flush push button, Wax ring, trapway cover caps, and all bolts & screws needed for installation. Supply line not included.

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