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The Alberico Bar Stool is a refined and elegant piece of furniture.It has classic stool designed but attractive bar stool with a fixed foot rest that oozes style. Contemporary looks twinned with a sturdy finish, this simple stool will look amazingly beautiful in a contemporary home or modern business setting. This stool is available in a sanitised metal finish and a variety of real and regenerated leather seat finishes, making versatile enough to suit a wide range of interior spaces and design colours. The Alberico stool is available in black and brown regenerated leather and black, brown, red and light brown genuine leather.Dimensions:Height: 35.8 inSeat Height: 30.7 inWidth: 15.7 inDepth: 17.3 inWeight: 20.00kgPurchasing a wicker table and bar stool setYou’ve had wicker bar stools in mind for your Florida Room for quite some time, and now that you have the rattan furniture in place, the wicker bar stools would be perfect with bar stool tables done in a wicker or rattan style.  However, you might decide to buy the table first and then decide to buy bar stools at another time.  The table could hold a large plant until you make the stool purchase.  It might be more interesting not to match the tables and chairs. Just to be sure you have that option, it is a good idea to check by going online to use Google “images” and enter “wicker bar stool table” to see what comes up.  You may even find tables that are not strictly wicker, but fall into that family or style.  If you are the type of person that really needs to see matching furniture, you will need to ensure that the bar stool tables do have matching stools before purchasing a selection.  Otherwise, the choices are open to your imagination.  Rattan does come in different styles and periods.  So do wicker bar stools, and again you may want to keep the styles together if that is your objective.  Various rattan styles get along well together, mainly in terms of color.  The same is true of wicker styles.  Taken all together, the style came about during the late 19th century when colonialism was at its peak.  Since then, however, furniture manufacturers have taken liberties with the style and exercised their freedom to create a variety of designs.  You will recognize this when you begin to make a decision regarding the table and, following that, to buy bar stools that either match or fall into that style.  As you look at the rattan and wicker tables, you will also want to keep in mind that certain styles are more expensive than others are.  The lighter weight wickers will be, in the main, less expensive than the heavier rattan pieces.  You may have already discovered the range of pricing for rattan furniture and are prepared to note the difference when it comes time to purchasing bar and stools.  However, it should occur to you that you have already established a certain quality in the room.  Having done so, it would be wise to maintain that quality choice when you purchase the bar table and chairs.

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