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Adelle Bar Stool


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Looking for elegant bar stool , the Adelle bar stool is perfectly addition to your bar.The seat and back are covered in faux or buffed leather in various colour options. It is available in two different heights 36.6 in and 40.6 inDimensions:Min Height: 36.6 inMax Height: 40.6 inMin Seat Height: 26.5Max Seat Height:30.3 inWidth: 16 inDepth: 20 inWeight:20.00kgChoosing bar stools for a contemporary office break room settingYou have planned a nice break room set-up for the employees that will include a counter, thinking it would add a different touch and make employees feel special.  The designer has asked you to give him an idea about what you’d like to see in the way of stools.   Glad for the opportunity to divert from a slow day, a trip through the offerings online might be a fun errand.  How to begin!  The designer mentioned a modern bar stool, and almost immediately a chrome bar stool came to mind and then a red bar stool right behind it.  How fun!  The search is on!  Having shopped the Google “images” files before, you’re back there now, and looking at dozens of red or chrome bar stools.  And you thought this was going to be easy.  There’s a great chrome bar stool, but you’re not sure it comes in the right height.  You wrote down the designer’s height requirement, so that’s something you’ll have to check later.  There seems to be no end of modern bar stool images, but finding the combination of a red bar stool with a chrome finish is a little more challenging.  So you’ve looked through hundreds of images and found several you like.  Not so sure about the styles though.  Some of them look a little retro.  Of course, retro was really a contemporary style in its day and it may be that it might actually work in the break room.  The designer can help you make that decision, if it comes down to it.  Now’s the time to check the heights and this may be where the choices get slim, but you do want them to fit at the counter.  Going to each site takes time, but it’s worth the trouble and yes, it has narrowed it down quite a bit.  With about half a dozen choices you begin to look at the stool heights.  It gets a little disappointing to see all those tall stools that don’t come in the height you’re looking for.  Maybe the designer will have a resource that has the stool.  You keep looking and finally find a couple of stools you like have the right height, and now you’ll let price make the final decision.  Oh-oh, they’re a little more than you want to pay-actually, they’re quite a bit more.  However, the good news is that a local dealer carries them and at least there will be a savings on shipping.  In a conversation with the designer, you get more good news:  contractor discount.  Ah, hadn’t thought of that.  We’re done here; mission accomplished!


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