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Abigail Leather Bar Stool


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The Abigail Leather Bar Stool is made a classic wooden bar stool which great for any setting. The Abigail is a fixed height bar stool, with footrests and supports on all four sides. This quality bar stool is suitable for Domestic use.Available in dark brown leather only.Dimensions:Height: 42 inSeat Height:29.5 inWidth: 18.5 inDepth: 18.5 inHow do you decide on bar stool style?It feels like you’ve been shopping for bar stools for sale forever.  You can’t seem to decide if you want to get the bar stools chairs type or if you want the backless bar stool oak finish type that you saw on sale.    The decision is made easier if you go online and look at Google’s “images” sites.  Another famous home and garden site features a host of rooms by interior designers.  Both sites show bar stools in a setting and can help you determine which type you like the best.  You can also use some guidelines for making the decision and use them as you search the images file.  For instance, if you’ll be using the stools in a family room where you’ve selected oak furnishings, try finding a setting with a pre-selected family room in an advanced search “images” file, showing a bar stool oak finished, but backless, and notice how the stools are used.  This should help you decide whether you like the look or not.  You can also enter “bar stools chairs” and get dozens of results on either site.  The important thing is setting up the proper parameters for your search and weeding out the ones you don’t feel are appropriate for your needs.  There’s another guideline for you to consider.  How will the stools be used?  If they’re the low type, chances are they will be in constant use and that would determine construction.  However, if they sit at a bar, in a corner, they won’t be used as much.   If somewhere along the line you see bar stools for sale, and they are the right stools for your use, all the better.   Just be sure you’ve seen them in a similar setting somewhere; you don’t want to be disappointed when you see them sitting in your home and discover they’re all wrong.  When you’ve eliminated all but a few choices, the final decision-maker will be price and for that, you need to go to another set of sites that will show pricing.  There are several out there, and if you’ve shopped online before, you know who they are.  They allow you to enter a budget price and you can enter some other criteria that will help locate the type of stool you’ve chosen.


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