Top 10 Modern Lamps To Accompany Your Womb Chair

Top 10 Modern Lamps To Accompany Your Womb Chair

When decorating your home, one of the most important aspects that helps bring a room together, are the accent pieces. A style designed around a Womb Chair can benefit from having any of these top ten unique modern furniture and/or accessory pieces. This list includes various items, such as coffee tables, bookcases and even dining tables.
Womb Chair

#1 Divina Sofa

This sofa, created by Fabio Novembre, offers not only a seating option, but a work of art to the room, as the back support of the sofa is the silhouette of a woman. The Divina Sofa, with a stainless steel frame and quilted upholstery will exquisitely complement a Womb Chair, adding the finishing touches to your modern-style living space.

#2 Manomorta Chair

If you have been searching for positively unique seating options, the Manomorta Chair designed by Enzo Berti, is exactly what you've been missing. This chair, shaped as two hands cupped together, mounts on the wall and is perfect for both outdoor or indoor modern style designs. Similar to the Womb Chair , the Manomorta is manufactured in a variety of colors, making it the perfect accent piece.

#3 Cuchara Chair

Although the Womb Chair offers maximum comfort, it is stationary. However, with the Cuchara Chair created by Diego Granese, you can add a little 'rock' to your seating options. Inspired by a cuchara (the Spanish word for spoon), this chair wraps you in its spoon-like seat while allowing you to rock back and forth, with a stem-like base.

#4 Mid Ring Chaise Lounge

Another modern-style rocking chair is the Mid Ring Chaise Lounge created by Domenico de Palo. It resembles a half moon, conforming to your body, allowing you to kick back and relax. This chair comes in a variety of leather upholstery, sure to complement your Womb Chair.

#5 Rose Chair

A slightly more sophisticated accent piece is the Rose Chair created by Masanori Umeda. The padding of both the seat and the back of the chair are shaped into petals, resembling a rose. This piece will 'freshen' up any modern living style and add to your Womb Chair's comfortable yet sophisticated seating options.

#6 Tangram Storage Unit

Now that you have a few additional seating options to complement your Womb Chair , it's time for some accent pieces that serve two purposes – storage and visual appeal. The Tangram Storage Unit, developed by Lago, is a seven piece shelving set can be placed on your wall in a variety of ways. Most often, individuals chose to replicate a human figure in an active position.

#7 Riddled Buffet

Out with your grandma's solid wood buffet and in with Steven Hall's Riddled Buffet, comprised of aluminum finished in a walnut-shade veneer complete with laser engraving. This visual masterpiece functions as storage, while providing visual appeal and completing your modern-style living space, you have created with a Womb Chair.

#8 Anna Morph Book Shelf

Most likely one of the favorites in this list is the Anna Morph Book Shelf, which takes the normal 9-section shelving unit to new heights. Created by Matt Sindall, this wooden cabinet great for storage of books and displays of collectibles, is also a work of art, due to the graphic designs or floral patterns available. You can forget trying to hang this shelf on the wall, as it sits on a modern-style metal-legged base, completing your modern look, complementing your womb chair.

#9 Tavolone Coffee Table

If you are searching for the perfect coffee table to intermingle with your Womb Chair, check out the Tavolone by Gaetano Pesce, which boasts bold colors of red and orange resin in the shape of a human face, with square black storage boxes for legs.

#10 Flirt Dining Set

To keep the flow of modern living moving into your dining room, the Flirt Dining Set created by Maurizoio Galante has a painted steel frame complete with PVC thread embroidery. This dining set, in bright brilliant colors, allows your dining table to set apart from your room and keeps with the modern style living spaces you have begun to create with your Womb Chair .


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