10 Tips to Use Modern Lamps to Improve any Room Decor

Modern lamps can improve the décor of any room, and the room doesn't have to be decorated in the latest contemporary style.  The interior design of any room can be improved ten times as much not only by the lamp's design, but by the actual lighting it provides and the lamp's emphasis on shape, color and texture.

1) Use modern lamps to make a visual transition from old décor to new.

Households contain modern elements.  Computers, appliances, and entertainment systems are just a few modern elements that find there way into Country, Shaker, Rustic, Cottage, or Victorian Style decor - the last places you would expect to see a modern lamp.  The key is color and shape.  Finding a sleek modern desk lamp in rustic browns, reds, or even black to compliment your working area will unify the visual components of the room.  Cottage style interior decorating can apply the same concept to brighter blues and yellows, and even reds.  Modern lamps come in glorious golds, silver and crystals that can give a modern but elegant touch to any Victorian style room.

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2) Let your plants shine through.

Clear glass modern lamps are the perfect lamps to highlight your indoor plants without detracting from their natural beauty.  Using modern glass outdoor lamps can produce stunning effects with sunlight - just make sure there's no neighborhood boys throwing stones!

3) Give a little love.

Modern lamps can come in sleek or even slightly whimsical heart shaped designs.  If you have a heart motif in any of your rooms - curvy heart shaped modern lamps will certainly compliment it.  No heart shaped décor?  Give a little kiss to the room to remind everyone you love them with a modern table lamp fits their style - even if it doesn't fit yours.  The kids room, family room entertainment room, and bedrooms are all great choices for flirty additions to your decor.

4) Start a conversation.

Find an abstract modern floor lamp and put it in your hallway.  It's a great way to get a conversation going when guests come over.

5) Save electricity.

Don't just think modern style - think modern efficiency.  Modern lamps and lighting techniques are far more efficient than older styles.  You'll see your savings in your electric bill and you can buy more lamps to decorate with!

6) Add shape to your room.

If your room is decorated like a brick, modern lamps can help sculpt your room.  Find modern floor lamps with softly sculpted bodies, shades or bases.  Look for curves, scrolls, waves or hourglass figures.  Break two boxy room items with a large sculpted modern lamp.  Compliment end tables will curvy tabletop lamps.

7) Add texture to a room.

Texture brings sensuality to a room's decor.  A modern lamp can compliment texture, highlight it, or add texture.  Soft velvet on a modern lampshade can soften a room's appeal.  Ornate scrollings on the base of a modern lamp can add texture to a room when furniture can't.  Modern recessed lamps can highlight notable textures in household fixtures and long silky curtains.

8) Keep a room from being bottom-heavy or bulky. 

If your furniture all stops less than halfway up your wall - add tall sleek lined modern lamps to lift the eye and give the appearance of height.  Have the light shine towards the center of the wall, not down into the couch.  Blend in thin modern floor lamps with angled bases or lamp shades if there's too much bulk.  This will freshen the visual appearance.

9) Create color in a room.

Lamps are the easiest way to add color to any room.  You can blend color or accent color with modern lamps. Already have a great paint job?  Have your modern lamp highlight it as the room's central attraction.  Experiment with light and shadow.

10) Put yourself in a chair next to it.

A room always looks its best when you're in it.  Find a modern tabletop lamp, or a modern floor lamp that looks great next to you when you're in your favorite spot in that room.  Make sure the light switch is easy to reach in case you want to curl up and go to sleep.

Modern lamps can certainly improve any room's decor because of their wide range of styles and applications.  Browse through our website to find the perfect modern lamp to improve your room. You'll be surprised at the styles you'll find.  Brighten up your room and yourself with a little modern touch - and put a little light in your life.