10 Options For The Hanging Bubble Chair

The hanging bubble chair ...remember as a kid spending hours swinging? Sometimes you gently went back and forth, other times you twirled, and of course you tried to go so high thinking your toes could tickle the sky. Now you can relive the swaying and twirling in your own hanging bubble chair ! Here are some options to consider before purchasing your bubble chair .

• Bubble color. The clear acrylic bubble is what makes the chair interesting. At first glance, it appears that a cushion seat is suspended in air. However, the bubble is now available in a transparent blue which is breathtaking!
• Cushion color. The bubble chair cushions typically come in silver or white, but you can custom order come some amazing colors--blue, orange, green, red, just to name a few! Once you know where you want to hang your chair, the color choice is up to you!
• Fabric choice. What's your preference? Do you like leather seats? Do you prefer cloth? Depending on where you purchase your bubble chair, you'll have a variety of options.
• Polyethylene or polypropylene. Polyethylene is used for most bubble chairs because it's tougher and more resistant to heat, water and scratches.
• Chrome or stainless steel. Attached to the acrylic ball is a metal ring to reinforce the sturdiness of the chair. You have a choice of chrome or stainless steel.
• Suspend from ceiling or from the floor. Planning on using your chair out by the pool? When you're not able to suspend from a ceiling, you can use a special stand that just needs to be placed on a leveled surface. The chair hangs from a hook so you're still able to swing and twirl.
• Indoors or outdoors. Where is your ideal spot for a bubble chair? Is it your bedroom? The great room? Near the hot tub? Because the bubble chair is weather resistant, it can actually be used outside. In fact, it has a built-in channel that allows water to drain, so it's perfectly safe to hang the chair near your pool or hot tub.
• Purchase on-line or at a store. Hanging bubble chairs can be purchased at high-end furniture stores or from an on-line company. Because some chairs are better quality than others, and the price has a wide range, be sure you get the specks on the chair.

• Installation. The bubble chair comes with a chain and hook. It can be screwed into an existing ceiling beam or anchored from cement or brick. It's recommended to hire a professional to do the installation.
• Rotating hook. If you're planning on using your bubble chair in an area that has a great panoramic view, consider purchasing a rotating hook. It will allow you to fully rotate your chair.

Your options are unlimited! Whether you choose to hang your ball chair outside or inside, have leather cushions or cloth ones, you're sure to have a spectacular chair that will provide you with hours and hours of enjoyment.


This article was published on Monday 14 June, 2010.
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