10 Fun Ways To Accessorize Your Hanging Bubble Chair

Are you a proud owner of a hanging bubble chair ? Are you finding yourself spending more and more time relaxing in it, swaying a little, and just getting lost in time? Add some extra fun to your chair with accessories! Here are some great ideas...

• Pillows. Purchase or make two or three small pillows to be used in your bubble chair . Choose colors that complement your chair's cushion and/or patterns that will go with the room. Have fun with the shapes--round pillows, square pillows, or go with triangular pillows!
• Customized cushion. Do you like to decorate for the different seasons and holidays? You can do the same with your bubble chair cushion! Purchase a variety of patterns and change your cushion's look throughout the year. Not a sewer? Cut the fabric large enough to overlap on the underside. Use Velcro to keep the fabric secured to itself. Easy!
• Lap throw. Add a fun lap throw to your bubble chair . Throws can be purchased at most retail stores or you can order on-line. You'll find yourself curling up with the throw or using it for extra cushioning. When you're not using the chair, fold the throw so that it's partially hanging out of the chair. This gives the chair an inviting look.
• Glow in the dark stickers. Do you have children who enjoy the bubble chair? Add glow in the dark stars to the inside of the chair! Imagine the fun the kids will have swaying in the chair, surrounded by stars! This would be especially fun if the chair is outside.
• Plants. Bring the outdoors, indoors! Place a few tall plants on either side of your bubble chair. Hang a couple of spider or ivy plants. As you twirl, you'll have the feel of being in a garden.
• Small rug. Place a plush carpet partly underneath your bubble chair. As you get in and out of the chair, or as you sway, your feet will love the feel of the carpet.
• Aromatherapy. Lavender has a soothing aroma. Place a small pouch underneath your cushion. Be sure the pouch is sealed tightly so it won't stain the cushion.
• Bubble lights. Consider placing a few bubble lights near your chair. These fun round lights will stay on for a few hours. The lights can also be used in water, so if your bubble chair is out by the pool, you can watch the lights float on the water.
• Small stand. Find a fun stand that can be placed near your bubble chair. Maybe it has a unique base, or you paint it to match your chair's cushion. The stand will come in handy for your glass of lemonade or the book you're reading.
• Beaded chains. Teen girls and younger will love having beaded chains hanging from the ceiling, surrounding your bubble chair! Screw hooks into the ceiling in a circle that is a couple of inches bigger than the width of your chair.

Now that you got the idea, it's time to go shopping! Have fun customizing your bubble chair! And remember, you can "re-customize" any time, for any reason!
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