10 things to love about your Eames lounge chair

Charles and Ray Eames designed the original Eames lounge chair in the 1956. Long periods of development preceded this release. This has been known to be the first chair that would make any high-end home look a tad more beautiful. This Eames’ masterpiece promises to take your breath away, and more importantly make your sitting activity, a luxurious affair.

Originally designed for businesses, a lot of popularity for the Eames lounge chair came through its use in homes. People absolutely loved the fact that here was a chair that could allow them to rest after a long day’s work. Irrespective of how big your home is, buy an Eames Lounge chair if you wish to alleviate your stress after you come home.

Here are 10 reasons why we love the Eames Lounge Chair:

1. Contours: Plywood shells that provide the lounge chair to deliver well in extreme conditions. Be sure to find three such plywood shells in an Eames lounge chair.

2. Curves: Interlocking of curved forms grants solidarity to the chair. This is facilitated with the seats and the plywood shells being of the same shape.

3. Spacious: Identical sizes of the chair and the backrest allowing you to relax with no part of your body exposed outside the chair. This kind of architecture follows the best principles of ergonomics.

4. Flexible: A flexible backrest in the Eames chair due to the presence of heavy rubber washer. This rubber washer is glued strongly to the backrest. A lumbar support provides the necessary support to this washer.

5. Relaxing: Get rubber coated armrests that are suspended through two arm points. Sit down on the chair and release your hands on the armrest. Does it get any better for a wonderful relaxing experience?

6. Swivels: Creative suit cushion that is sewn with a zipper, unlike other chairs where the cushions are stapled or nailed to the shells. This feature along with the gluing of the plywood shells allows you to swivel around in this chair.

7. Stylish: Style with comfort, something only the Eames chair can provide in spite of it catering to the high-end market. In fact, competitors to Eames who have tried to come up with duplicates have failed to provide style with comfort to users. However, very comfortable replicas can be found on the market.

8. Comforting: Allow your back to rest comfortably without getting worried about your spine and vertebral column with the best backrest possible. Rubber cushioned backrests will do more than enough to take care of your back.

9. Transportable: Take this chair outdoors and relax by baking the sun. Not many chairs allow you to relax indoors as well as outdoors. The Eames Lounge chair is possibly one of the few, which allows you to do this.

10. Exhilarating: The chair size is big enough for you to get your baby sleeping in your arms, or even besides you, comfortably. The Eames chair provides you with the most exhilarating, yet relaxing family experience when it comes to cushion chairs.

The Eames chair has a lot of things going it’s way. For now though, luxury and style integrated with comfort – No one can come close to the Eames Lounge chair!
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