what to pair with a chesterfield sofa?

what to pair with a chesterfield sofa?

A chesterfield sofa is often given as a gift for someone’s first apartment or as the entryway to a new house. While it may not be hard to buy one chesterfield, there are certain pieces that will complement this kind of furniture and give your house a cohesive look and feel. Here we offer our 9 ideas on what to pair with a chesterfield sofa:

Chesterfield Sofa

1. Artwork:

For paintings, pick out something elegant and simple, but also bold and impactful. You don’t want it too busy because chesterfields can sometimes make small rooms even smaller; however you don’t want anything too bland either! Shop around for paintings at galleries, flea markets or antique stores. If you’d like to purchase online, sites such as chesterfield sofa offer great choices in chesterfield sofas and even the larger chesterfield furniture pieces they sell will compliment paintings nicely.

2. Coffee Tables:

A coffee table with a marble top and gold legs is a good choice for chesterfields because it brings out the brass accents on chesterfields while also tying together rich tones that can match either browns or blacks in chesterfields. Keep in mind that when pairing chesterfields with coffee tables, one should opt for ones without glass tops since glass would show dirt too easily and make cleaning more of a hassle than necessary; set your coffee table up with beautiful books instead!

3. Curtains:

For your chesterfield sofa, we recommend heavy and sturdy curtains that look expensive because chesterfields themselves are often pricey so chesterfield owners don’t like to skimp out on the other parts of their room such as curtains or coffee tables (if they go into that much detail). Keep in mind that chesterfield sofas come in different sizes; if you get a chesterfield with a smaller footprint then purchase shorter curtains and vice versa.

4. Area Rugs:

When picking out an area rug for chesterfields, it is best to opt for ones without too much color; also keep in mind how light reflects off of certain colors and make sure nothing clashes with your chesterfield sofa. As chesterfields are black most of the time, chesterfield owners will likely want chesterfield sofas with area rugs that have a little color to them if they are buying chesterfields that are not solid black.

5. Chairs:

Either purchase an accompanying armchair or buy separate accent chairs, but keep in mind how the chesterfield sofa is set up and where it’s facing so you can match your chesterfield furniture accordingly. Also be sure to purchase additional seating for guests!


6. Drapes:

For chesterfield sofas that have large footprints or when the chesterfield is placed in a corner, heavy drapes that reach close to the floor can add more weight and help prevent chesterfields from taking up too much space in chesterfield rooms. Keep in mind that for chesterfields with smaller footprints, drapes may make them look lost within chesterfield room décor; opt for lighter fabrics such as suede if this is the case.

7. Floor Lamp:

Floor lamps shouldn’t be short because they will clash with chesterfields even though chesterfields have a smaller footprint. For chesterfield sofas without large footprints, there’s nothing wrong with opting for short chesterfield lamps to match the chesterfield sofa.

8. Light Fixtures:

Keep in mind that chesterfields are black/brown most of the time so it is best to have light fixtures that brighten up chesterfield rooms without being very colorful or brightening chesterfields too much, otherwise they will clash or look unnatural within chesterfield room décor.

9. Ottomans:

A matching ottoman goes perfectly with chesterfields because they are sturdy and usually covered in leather; instead of using an accompanying armchair, an ottoman can serve as additional seating or as an additional chesterfield.

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