What is a chesterfield couch?

What is a chesterfield couch?

A Chesterfield is a couch that has a frame of wood and leather upholstery. Chesterfields are well known for their distinctive deep button tufted back, also called the "beer-barrel back". The Chesterfield design was developed in Chesterfield, England in the 18th century to imitate the elegant lines of an antique chair.

The earliest Chesterfields were built by cutting down large stuffed chairs and reupholstering them to fit. Eventually furniture makers began making the frames first wrapped with loose cushioning tied on, then later sewn into place.


The hand-built wheels beneath this chesterfield give it just the right amount of swagger for that perfect finishing touch.

                         Chesterfield Sofa Chesterfields are typically made in the United States, France, Britain and Canada. Chesterfields are considered to be formal pieces of furniture that do not work well in small rooms or all spaces. They are most commonly associated with living rooms, dens, bachelor pads and man caves because of their commonalities with traditional leather chairs found in men's clubs. Over time Chesterfield sofas have become much less formal in design due to the introduction of new materials such as chenille, shaggy fabrics and bold colors. It is still a sofa style much loved by many today.

             Chesterfield sofas were created during the Industrial Revolution for noblemen who desired to imitate the squishy comfort of their favorite stuffed chairs. Chesterfield sofas are distinguished by the tight corner blocks that hold its arms and legs in place, as well as all those buttons that line its back. Chesterfield sofas come in a variety of materials with leather being one of the most preferred choices due to its durability and elegance.

How are couches made of?

Chesterfields are made of leather. Chesterfield couches originated in Chesterfield, England during the early 1800s. The name for this specific couch is used because Chesterfield, England is near to Manchester Square where they would bring their new furniture designs and sell them to local merchants.

The chesterfield was designed by Robert Baker after he saw something similar on a visit to Chesterfield-New Chester, New York. Baker had his business partner at the time Charles Noke hand craft some samples for him to take back with him to create more styles for Baker's store in San Francisco, United States. After returning home, Baker noticed an upholsterer who had set up shop next door out of business so he decided to give him one of the Chesterfields to reupholster. After seeing how well it turned out, Baker had more furniture pieces made by Noke and displayed them in his store windows. He also began selling Chesterfields to other upholsterers which lead to Chesterfield's widespread popularity.

What are their characteristics?

Chesterfield couches have a low back with rolled arms that taper towards the bottom of the couch where they end with buttons on each side. Chesterfields are typically two seater sofas but there are many models that range from three seaters to six seater couches. They come with different base options such as legs or feet depending on what you prefer your sofa to look like. Chesterfield's are typically made of high quality leather with many different color options to choose from. Chesterfield couches tend to be rather tall in height because of their unique arms which make them look more like a chair when compared to other couch styles that have four straight arms . Chesterfield's average price range is between $1,500 - $3,000 depending on the size and how much you're willing to spend on your new sofa.


What will it look like in my house?

I personally think they would look great in any room depending on what type of style you are looking for. They are very versatile so I believe they would fit perfectly into most rooms whether it be a family room or bedroom. They come in so many different colors that there is surely one out there for anyone! Chesterfield couches are not very tall so they would fit perfectly underneath most light fixtures or chandeliers. Chesterfields tend to be quite wide because of their design but they also come in smaller sizes if you prefer a more narrow look for your couch.

I hope this helped answer some questions about Chesterfields and make it easier for you to understand what all the fuss was about. I know personally I love them and am currently on the hunt for my first ever Chesterfield sofa.

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