how to upholster a chesterfield sofa?

how to upholster a chesterfield sofa?

There are upholstery styles which date back to the Georgian and Victorian eras (namely, Chesterfield and button upholstery). Not exactly up-to-date but still in vogue today.

I'm going to show you how to upholster a chesterfield sofa.

To upholster a chesterfield sofa, first we need to remove the existing fabric (if there is any), as well as all of the old padding underneath. If it has an attached cushion top, take out the staples holding this down as well. The upholstery fabric you'll want for your sofa will depend on where it's located. For example, if it's inside, use indoor upholstery fabric; if outside or in a room where there's a lot of foot traffic, upholster your chesterfield with upholstery fabric designed for upholstering sofas outdoors.

Using a staple gun and upholstery tacks, tack the new upholstery fabric in place to the front of your sofa cushion. Then, cut slits where applicable so that you can fold back the fabric to add padding underneath. Use upholstery foam (available at local craft stores) and cover this with upholstery batting which you can buy from an upholstery supplier or by simply asking for it when purchasing your upholstered furniture from retailers. Once covered in these materials, tack down the upholstery fabric at the back of your sofa cushion, folding under any excess upholstery back there.

upholster chesterfield sofa

To upholster a chesterfield sofa, take out the upholstery staples holding down the upholstered top to expose a foam padding material underneath. Add upholstery padding and upholstery batting over this, then tack these in place before covering them with upholstery fabric which should be done by using slits for tucking in extra fabric where needed.

In general, add enough upholstery padding so that it's firm without being too stiff or uncomfortable to sit on.

Think of within reason how much weight you'll be placing on the furniture - if you're going to be sitting on it frequently, upholster your chesterfield or any upholstered furniture with upholstery fabric which is lightweight and designed for upholstering sofas. Then, staple the new upholstery fabric in place at the back of your sofa cushion while folding under any excess upholstery fabric where needed to help hold it down. Your upholstery job will look that much more professional if the upholstery fabric you use matches that of your sofa base (for example, same color scheme).