how to tell a real chesterfield sofa

how to tell a real chesterfield sofa

I have been interested in purchasing a chesterfield sofa for as long as I can remember. However, just as with many other people, one of the biggest problems is finding a real chesterfield sofa, and not a replica or reproduction. That is why I have decided to do some research about how to identify a real chesterfield from a knock-off by looking at the details.

Remember that this article was written based on my knowledge and experience. If you feel something is incorrect here please feel free to let me know! Also be aware that there are still fakes coming out nowadays. It has been an issue since the 18th century!



Here are some examples of modern reproductions:

Please remember that these pictures show only one example of how facts can look like. There are many others, and it is up to you to find the best way to identify them.

Before getting into the details, let's just take a look at some real chesterfields that I found:

I wish you luck in finding an authentic chesterfield sofa! It requires patience and time, but your perseverance will be rewarded with hours of comfort and enjoyment.

The two following images show how to check the structure of the frame . Take a look at all the pictures before reading any further.

Chesterfield sofa

1) The Front Legs   

Take a look at their length (shown in the picture below). If they are higher than 5 inches , most likely they are not original.

2) The Back Legs   

Take a look at their thickness. If they are not thicker than 6 inches , most likely they are not original.

3) The Front Rails   

The front rails (sometimes called arm rests or wings) are one of the most popular features on chesterfields. However, many dealers sell reproductions with fake ones that simply attach to the frame using screws or nails . Take a look at them carefully! Also keep in mind that you should check both the left and right side carefully, because some fakes will only fit one of them!


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