how to restore a chesterfield sofa?

how to restore a chesterfield sofa?

A Chesterfield sofa is a piece of furniture that is famous for its style as much as the material it's made from. Over time, those original materials can wear down and show signs of fading or even tearing. Restore your old chesterfield sofa to restore it to its former glory with help from a professional upholsterer in this free video series on antique sofa restoration.

Part 1: Restore a Chesterfield Sofa

If you have a chesterfield couch that has seen better days, well here's how to restore a chesterfield sofa . Surprisingly, restoring an older piece of furniture isn't too different than refurbishing newer just takes longer!

Part 2: Restore a Chesterfield Sofa

we show you how to make the first incision in your chesterfield sofa . This part might look intimidating at first, but it's actually easier than you think.

Part 3: Restore a Chesterfield Sofa

Restore a chesterfield sofa

Once you have made the cut into your chesterfield sofa , just tilt both halves forward so that they lay flat on the floor or work surface. You can then remove all of the old upholstery materials from inside the sofa. It's important to take everything out so that there is room to maneuver while working with new materials later on.

Part 4: Restore a Chesterfield Sofa

When you are ready to begin upholstering your old chesterfield couch, simply cut out the bottom edge of the new fabric with sharp scissors. Then, take one end of this edge and run it under the presser foot of your sewing machine while you slowly feed in more fabric until it's even on both sides. You can then attach that new piece to your sofa frame with staples.

Part 5: Restore a Chesterfield Sofa

Finally, reattach any buttons or decorative embellishments that you had previously removed from inside your chesterfield sofa . Before covering up all of your hard work with some furniture polish, be sure to test the fit...just like you did in the early stages of your project. Restore your chesterfield sofa in this fashion and you can expect to have a whole new piece of furniture for your home or office!

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