6 Interesting Novelty Barstool Ideas

Are you looking for something original in your barstools?  Do you want your barstools to really add character to your home?  You should think about striking out in a different direction and purchasing some novelty barstools.  There are tons of unique barstool designs out there that will capture the attention of your guests and fill your bar area with a sense of fun and whimsy.  You can use novelty barstools to create any atmosphere you wish, whether you are working with a light-hearted flower motif or a masculine sports theme.  These are just a few of the novelty barstools available to you.

  • Wrought iron barstools depicting animals and scenery are a popular way to lighten up the atmosphere.  You can find iron (or faux iron) barstools with sculpted backs that represent everything from waterfalls to kittens to motorcycles.  Match these artistic stools to your bar’s central theme.  They are very stylish yet personal, and they add an understated touch to a themed bar area.
  • Sports team barstools are a man’s best friend.  This will make you want to invite your buddies over to watch every game.  This is the perfect novelty item for a masculine rec room.  These barstools are widely available for almost any team imaginable, although you will probably have to order them online or have them specially ordered through a furniture retailer.  If you’re prepared to wait the extra time, you will be rewarded.
  • Barstools that resemble other objects capture the essence of the novelty item.   A few examples are aluminum “teacup” barstools, complete with handle and spout, and “eggshell” shaped barstools made from plastic or fiberglass.
  • Unique painted barstools can belong to a wide range of categories.  They can be whimsical or period pieces.  They can be decorated in an abstract style or adorned with painted leaves and flowers.  You can even paint your own barstools for a truly individual statement.
  • Bar stools meant to create the sensation of being somewhere else aren’t exactly “novelty” barstools per say.  However, they do add a far-fetched touch to your bar or counter by creating an illusion.  Turn the pub table in your dining alcove into a sweet sidewalk café in Paris.  Your kids will enjoy eating a snack at a 1950’s-style diner when they come home from school every afternoon.  If you’re into modern décor, molded plastic barstools will complement your décor very well, and they are truly comfortable to boot.
  • Custom made barstools are an option you should consider if you know what you want and it’s just not out there.  Just because you have your barstools custom made does not mean you are going out on a decorative limb.  It simply means you have an idea or a desire that hasn’t been addressed by the market, so don’t worry about whether you are going overboard when ordering your custom made barstools.  Although they can be expensive, they will be made to fit your needs perfectly and will hopefully last you many years.  And if you want to strike out in a unique design direction, you are only limited by your imagination.

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