The Arco Floor Lamp – Practical Tips

The timeless Arco Floor Lamp is a perfect example of a well designed furniture piece which incorporates both form and function. The polished aluminum shade is beautifully balanced by a heavy marble base and supported by a curved stainless steel stem. It is a highly decorative and stylish addition to any home and will require little cleaning as it has a small footprint, but there are some specifics to bear in mind for this practical miracle of modern design. Here are some important tips to bear in mind.

• The Carrara marble base weighs well over 100 pounds. Use floor protectors under it as any movements on a hard floor surface are guaranteed to damage both the marble and the floor it rests on.

• When ordering one of these lamps, discuss the delivery policy in advance, as some companies will do curbside deliveries only. Getting a heavy block of marble into an apartment on a rainy afternoon may not be your idea of fun.

• Placing this heavy base on a carpet is sure to leave a permanent indentation on it. Avoid setting the base in a visible area if you intend moving it later. Adding a soft protector to the underside may minimize long term damage and steaming the carpet will restore the pile to some types of fiber. Speak to a flooring professional for more tips if you are uncertain of the type of carpet.

• Be aware that this lamp normally needs to be assembled and requires a bit of mechanical-mindedness to understand the slider assembly. If this is not your strong point, get the store to do an onsite assembly for you or get friendly with a neighbor. The good-looking unattached neighbors are generally the best ones to get help from.

• The original design incorporates a foot switch on the power cord, so setting the base in an inaccessible area is going to make life difficult.

• That little hole running through the marble base is not a quirk of design, but actually has a practical purpose - the Castiglioni brothers who designed it, added it specifically to make moving the heavy base possible. By inserting a broomstick through the base, two people can lift and move it to a different location. A vacuum cleaner is not a suitable improvement for the broom in this specific case.

• The lamp is adjustable, but it is tall. Check dimensions to make sure that it will fit into the intended space, particularly when low ceilings or restricted overhead clearance is involved.

• Bear in mind that marble is a soft mineral and will chip and stain easily. A regular application of clear furniture wax will protect it from staining or damage.


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